Wave (4k into) sourcecode

The source of my second 4k intro..

Its time for another sourcecode release. I decided to release also the source for my second 4k Intro Wave.

Please note that I added a copyright notice this time. In fact this hadnt been necessary, because according to international copyright laws you automatically retain the copyright of all your work without stating otherwhise. But appearantly some people dont know this.

Copyright notice:

The contents of this archive are (c) 1997-2000 by Tim Boescke.

Usage for educational purposes is granted. You are not allowed to use parts, or the full source, for any other purposes without permission.

The distribution of this archive and its content is limited. / has exclusive permission to distribute this archive.

In simple words: You are not allowed to put this on your own website without asking me. In case you obtained this archive from any other server please send a mail to [email protected].

Please check the readme for building instructions.

So - leech it here.