The Player6.1a fix

The Player 6.104

This is a fix by NoName/Haujobb for the interrupt bug in the system killer mode of The Player 6.1a. This bug made the music playing a lot faster on Amiga 4000s with 040 or 060. A4040/4060 users will know this bug for sure, because it occurs in every demo which was not tested on a4000.. (a lot!)

Platon managed now to fix an even nastier bug which caused enforcer hits, making it quite annoying to test any program which is using tp6.1 with enforcer.

But there is still a memory bug, i'll send an update very soon!

Download P6.105 here (its just the source, the includes from the archive are still needed).

Download P6.103 here. (archive, including docs and includes)

Last change: 16.01.2001