Startupcode for Chunky Graphics

A sourcecode handling opening and update of an intuition friendly chunky screen

This piece of code asks the user for a screenmode, opens a screen and sets up a chunky-to-planar routine and an "interrupt". That is, everything needed so that even a beginner can start playing with chunky effects!

It might also be of interest to more experienced coders wanting to see how this can be done in an OS-legal way. If only chunky-effects are going to be used in a demo/intro/game, there is no reason to turn the system off.

Also, this routine implements triplebuffering, which is more or less a must for chunky routines, IMHO.

Unfortunately it doesn't support Gfxcards. If you know how to do that, please contact me! It should be pretty simple to add, but unfortunately I don't have access to a graphicscard. :(

written by Merko

Download the source here (shiftclick)

Last change: 16.01.2001
For questions referring to this page and the source mail to: Merko