Texture Generator Compo

128 byte texture generator competiton.


The voting is over. The results are below. (Next time there will be a rule to use colours ;) ) Download the sources here.


Place Contribution Coder Points
1. 14 Dip 48
2. 19 Maq 29
3. 9 Cupid 25
4. 16 Platon 16
5. 6 Aln 15
6. 15 Aln 13
7. 20 Azure 12
8. 7 Azure 10
9. 3 Cytochrome 9
  17 Pipe 9
11. 4 Booster 5
12. 12 Psycho 4
13. 10 Merko 3
  1 TrickTrax 3
15. 8 Maq 2
16. 2 Merko 1
  5 Platon 1
  13 Cytochrome 1
  18 Thain 1
20. 11 TrickTrax 0





The contribution deadline has passed. 13 people have contributed 20 Textures. Now it is time for voting. Take a look at the contributions here and choose your top3.

To vote send a mail to [email protected] with the subject:

Vote: Place 1:xx Place 2:xx Place 3:xx

(Of course you have to substitute xx with your preferences.)

The voting deadline is Sunday, May 30th 2100 CET.



Time for another competition: This time you have to write a small truecolor texture generator with max. 128 bytes of code.

Emoon provided a startup source which writes the texture to a *.bmp file. Use "Fastview" or any other viewer to display. Download the startup here.

The deadline was Sunday, may 16th 1999. 21.00 CET. Please mail your contributions to Azure .

After all contributions have been collected a public voting will take place to determine the winner. Only the generated textures will be shown before the voting deadline. the code is going to be published after the voting deadline. The voting deadline will be one week after the contribution deadline.

Rules: (Updated May 29th)

  • Maximum codelength: 128 bytes. (Excluding the RTS, including data)
  • You are allowed to use an additional BSS section to store runtime generated tables etc.
  • Your routine is called with a pointer to the texturebuffer in a0. The other registers are in an undefined state.
  • The size of the texturebuffer is 256x256.
  • The format of the texturebuffer is XRGB. The X byte may be filled with random data.
  • It is not necessary to generate a looping (tiled) texture.
  • You have to provide both the source (using the startup) and an assembled executable.
  • The texture buffer is in an undefined state before your code is started. You have to write to the full 256x256 and not a single byte more are less.
  • You are allowed to use all 68020++ instructions, but NO FPU-Code.
  • Max. two entries per person allowed!