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The mission

After a small break its time for a new competition. This time the execise a little more difficult: You have to write a tiny gouraud - shader. Due to that you have more time than before to finish this task - deadline is sunday, september 7,1997 at 21.00 CET .
All contribution have to be sent to Azure again. Fetch your personal competition package (also including the rules as textfile) here.

Many thanks to Flynn for preparing the great init-source and screenhandler.

  • The aim is to write a routine rendering a gouraud-shaded vector-object to a chunky buffer.
  • You are given a full init-routine with chunky screenhandler and two objects. Remember, that your routine must be able to display both objects (well - two tori :) )
  • A sinetable with 1024+256 word-entries and an amplitude of +-32760 is also given.
  • The screen you have to render to has a width of 256 and also a height of 256.
  • "gouraud.s" is the only file you may change.
  • Your routine must utilize both palette ranges. (2x128 colors) A colorflag is provided for each triangle in the object-file.
  • All brightness-calculations have at least 8.8 accuracy. (No ugly shading-bugs)
  • The triangle-drawer has to be accurate. No gaps between the polys! (black dots etc.. )
  • Two rotation angles are given. (You can control them manually by pressing the right mousebutton while moving mouse)
  • The routine must be working on 68020-68060! When you are sick enough to use selfmodifying code, make sure that it does also work on 060.
Well - please download the competition package for more detailed rules.

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