384 Byte Democompo Voting

Time to vote

The "384 Byte Democompetition" is over now. 10 entries have been submitted all over all, with several pretty innovative and impressing ones among them.

Now it is your task to vote. You can download an archive containing all exes here (lha) or (lzx). They were tested on an 68060 with cybergfx. So I guess they should run on all configurations. Some might need quite a lot of processing power. The sources can be downloaded here (lha) or (lzx). Please read "readme.txt".

List of contributions

VoteNr Contributor Name
01 Chip -
02 Merko TNT Fishing
03 Platon Living Pollution Engine
04 Grey Tree ate four
05 R.A.Y. -
06 Kyzer -
07 Scorpion -
08 Klone -
09 Pezac Nature 384b
10 Azure Donut World Domination

To vote send an email to [email protected]. With the following subject line:

Vote: Place1:xx Place2:xx Place3:xx

(you should fill in your top three places of course :) ) The Voting Deadline is Sunday, march 1st, 1998 at 21.00 CET

Dont vote for yourself!

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